She Likes It. She Really Likes It.

A letter from recent book purchaser Jennifer Todd, just as the first edition hardcover of my 1st work of non-fiction is 90% sold out - orders to be made right here.  

Jennifer writes:

If you HAVEN'T gotten your hands on Jeff Woods' amazing book Radio Records & Rockstars - grab one quick before the first editions are all gone 😱

Last year , Jeff and I made an art for art trade -he thoughtfully sent me a signed copy and I sent him a care package of artisanal soaps and body products. It's been a BUSY YEAR and now that I'm on holidays I have finally been able to dive in. The interviews - we know are great, he's the best in the business, and celebs are SO open and comfortable with him that the conversation flows organically

It is also important to note that the parts about his life, unsurprisingly are just as if not more interesting . All heart and all soul ❤️

Only thing better would be an audio book of the man himself reading it to me with that incredible voice. Thank you again SO much Jeff ! You're kind of amazing.